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Deeper Dive Videos on Deep Learning

You've seen thousands of deep learning introductory videos like "What is AI?"
Another AI Video! (My personal favorite) Click the robot for a quick 3 minute video on AI.
And I truly hope you've seen Brian's videos on AI for Engineers, because they are excellent:
These videos are intended for a nice introduction to deep learning for those who are semi-new to deep learning, and working to uncover how AI could fit into their work.

Beyond Introduction

For those of you who are past the beginner videos, it's time for a deep dive. The following are two videos intended for this purpose: learning and mastering advanced deep learning topics. The presenter is really good at making harder concepts easy to follow and understand.

A Deep Dive into Deep Learning Modeling - Part 1: Designing Experiments

Take a deeper dive into designing, training, and tuning deep learning models. Learn how MATLAB® deep learning apps can help you edit neural networks and devise and run experiments. You will also learn how to use Deep Network Designer to graphically create, edit, and train models; and track and run modeling runs with Experiment Manager app for rapid, automated iteration.

Screenshot from the video: learning about Objective Function Models and BayesOpt

A Deep Dive into Deep Learning Modeling - Part 2: Advanced Neural Networks

Get a more detailed look into designing, customizing, and training advanced neural networks. Learn about the extended deep learning framework in MATLAB, which enables you to implement advanced network architectures such as generative adversarial networks (GANs), variational autoencoders (VAEs), or Siamese networks.

Screenshot from the video: learning about the custom functions needed to run advanced deep learning models

Let me know what you think of the videos - and any other videos you'd like to see - in the comments below!
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