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Recent Outages

Posted by Hans Scharler,

As many of you have noticed, the ThingSpeak services have been intermittent over the past couple of days. We are seeing a huge spike in traffic as new users and projects have jumped on to ThingSpeak. Due to increased traffic over the past few months, we discovered one server in the system that is being bogged down. We are currently optimizing the system and adding new capacity with our hosting provider. We hope to have this resolved quickly. I will update this post with any new events. I apologize for the outages and we are committed to restoring everything as soon as possible. Thanks for the attention.


6/21 – We upgraded different parts of the system and returned api.thingspeak.com to normal working order. The last part of the system being worked on is the Channel view.

6/22 – The Channels service has been updated and all services are up.

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