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A-Mazing Way to Learn Some Image Processing

I recently noticed this new submission on the File Exchange by none other than one of the prolific newsgroup contributors, Image Analyst. Being a fan of puzzles myself, I was delighted to see the use of image processing to solve some mazes.


Sample Solution

Here's a picture of a sample maze solution.


Instead of doing traditional actions like move right until hitting a dead end, the maze solver here uses image processing concepts such as morphological operations (e.g., dilation and erosion), thresholding, and sectioning an image into "blobs." Reading and understanding the code provided me with a fun way to reinforce the application of these image processing concepts.

Other "Games" to Learn From?

Do you know of other MATLAB-based games or puzzles where understanding the code might provide insight into some computing domain for users? If so, let us know here.

Published with MATLAB® 7.10

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