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Technique for Visual Image Comparison 6

Recently Steve wrote an interesting post entitled Image Overlay Transparency that I found quite interesting. Contents ... read more >>

MATLAB Publishing for Teaching

Since MATLAB has had the capability to publish M-files, we have seen publishing being adopted at many educational institutions. And there is a variety of ways for you
to find out just what’s…

Useful Debugging Commands and Tips 20

In my personal history using computers, I have learned to embrace debuggers to help me understand what's going on in my code.   Contents Short List of Lesser Known Debugging... read more >>

A Way to Create Reusable Tools 12

There are a lot of ways to create reusable tools and widgets in lots of programming languages, including MATLAB. Today I
want to illustrate creating a reusable visualization tool that can then be... read more >>

My Working MATLAB Desktop Layout 6

A customer asked me recently to show him my preferred MATLAB desktop arrangement so I thought I would show and discuss my current set up. Contents ... read more >>

Code Generation from Import Wizard 4

Some colleagues and I were talking to some customers recently at a seminar and asked them what some of their favorite new features are. One of the top ones is being able to generate... read more >>

Publishing 57

I thought I'd showcase the publish tool in MATLAB this time around. It's how both Steve Eddins and I produce our blog articles most of the time. I find it particularly handy when I use... read more >>

M-Lint Live in Editor in R2006a 14

M-Lint is a tool new in MATLAB version 7 (Release 14) to check code for possible problems and report results. You can use it from the MATLAB command line, from the Current Directory Browser, and... read more >>

Posts 21 - 28 of 28