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High Performance File I/O 6

Today I'd like to tell you how you might improve the performance of reading and writing files using MATLAB's low-level file i/o functions. The key here is to disable the automated buffer flushing. ... read more >>

MATLAB Programming Practices 10

I'm feeling pensive today as I participate in development activities at MathWorks for Release 2006b. We are following a 6-month release schedule and the naming convention for the twice yearly releases is year followed by first "a" and then "b". This schedule requires ... read more >>

Vectorized goto in MATLAB 26

Customers have long asked for a GOTO statement in MATLAB to allow them to use programming constructs familiar to them from other languages they already know. I am pleased to announce that a proposal is making its way through the design process at MathWorks and I thought I'd use... read more >>

Understanding Persistence 6

Questions about using persistent variables arise from time to time in the MATLAB newsgroup. Today I'd like to show you a little about what you might think you can do, but can't with persistent variables. I am also curious to hear... read more >>

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