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Shade an area

Posted by Doug Hull,

Greeting from Singapore. Part of the glamorous life of an application engineer is traveling the world singing the praises of MATLAB. So here I am between seminars and customer visits to bring you the best of the best from MATLAB Central. This week I choose a file… read more >>

You’re So Vain

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

Dimitri Shvorob just made my day, without knowing it. He just posted VANITY, clearly one of the most brilliant submissions ever to see the light of day on MATLAB Central. In Dimitri's words: "When called, the function displays your FileExchange number-of-downloads and rank statistics, adds them to a history file, 'FileExchangeHistory.mat'... read more >>

Stock Ticker

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

I’m one of those geeks who loves doing everything in MATLAB. Data Analysis: Check. Search Google: Check. Write Reports: Check. Now I can add one more item to my list, keeping up with my stocks. Thanks to Brian Kiernan’s clever Real-Time Stock Viewer I can now have a stock ticker… read more >>