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Default Docked Figures

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

I just wanted to pass along a small tip that you might find useful. If you’ve become as big of a fan of docked figures as I have, you might be looking for a way to have figures docked by default when they are created. This is easy… read more >>

Get In Units

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

How many times have you written code that looks like this, just to find the position of a graphics object in something other than its current units?
hAxes = axes;
currentUnits = get(hAxes,’Units’);
axesPositionPixels = get(hAxes,’Position’);

My code is littered with fragments like this. While it works, there are two things I don’t like… read more >>

Too much time to kill?

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

Have you ever sat around asking yourself if it would be possible to draw flags of the world's nations just using the patch command? And then realized that this means you could easily embed flags in your Simulink model? Well, you are not alone! Mike Woodward apparently asked (and answered)... read more >>