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Merry Christmas

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

A beautiful submission from Marc Lätzel to end the year:


Laser Tracking

Posted by Doug Hull,

Last week we found that a good way to get Pick of the Week was to post something I needed on Wednesday when I normally look for picks. This week the way to get picked is to write an elegant solution to a problem I solved in a naive way… read more >>

Unique Filenames and a Repick

Posted by Doug Hull,

I like FREENAME as a way to generate a unique file name to add to a series of files in a directory. I have reinvented this wheel several times in the past and then lost it because of my incredible organizational skills…
As a side note, one of the surest… read more >>

Dealing with Ginormous Data

Posted by Doug Hull,

Dealing with large data set is like juggling. How? Well, when you juggle three things, people are amused but pretty quickly they want you do do four, then five. It is the same with the size of your data set. Stuart is a MathWorker that thinks about these things quite... read more >>