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Finite element analysis of elastic bodies 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

Ofek wrote me the other day saying I should check out his SpringLab for modeling elastic bodies in “real time” in MATLAB. It has a great visualization component that got me interested. Mostly I just fixed a few points on the bodies and shook it around to watch how it… read more >>

Frame by frame movies

Posted by Doug Hull,

It seems that whenever I need something, I go to MATLAB Central and someone has already coded it up for me.
That is what happened this week. I am working with some customers to get their Avian Influenza outbreak simulation working on a computer cluster and hope to… read more >>

Monotonically changing vectors

Posted by Doug Hull,

Frequent readers of this blog, will know that I am a big fan of simple things done well. I like isMonotonic because it does a simple operation well. If you look under the hood of this function, you will see error checking and comprehensive help that follows the… read more >>