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R2008b: Simulink!

I just downloaded and installed the R2008b prerelease, and you can too!

About MATLAB R2008b

Currently licensed users of MathWorks products have access to download and install the R2008b prerelease here (requires login).

Download R2008b from the web.

The prerelease gives you two important benefits:

  1. You get instant access to evaluate all the new features in R2008b.
  2. Ensure compatibility for your models and workflow.

The prerelease is an important part of the process used by the MathWorks to ensure smooth upgrades.  This is your best chance to report any issues you run into with R2008b. Tell us now, and there’s a chance we can address it before the general release this Fall. We’re excited about the new release. Give it a try and see what you think.

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