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Unifying MATLAB and Simulink: A User Story Part 2 4

In my previous post, I described how to parameterize a Simulink model using MATLAB objects. To be honest, there is nothing magic or revolutionary to that in itself. The reason why I decided to cover... read more >>

COVID-19: Using Parallel Simulations to Study the Infection Spread 1

In a previous post, I introduced a model simulating the exponential spread of a phenomenon like COVID-19. With more and more talks in the news about deconfinement plans, I thought it would be... read more >>

A New First Order Hold! 8

If you are attentive to details, you might have noticed that in MATLAB R2019b, we removed the First-Order Hold block from the Discrete section of the Simulink Library browser.
At the same time, we...

MATLAB Online, MATLAB Mobile, MATLAB Drive… and Simulink 4

I have never written about these topics on this blog because this is not specific to Simulink, but... I am a big fan of MATLAB Online and MATLAB Drive. Today I will describe how I use these and... read more >>

New in MATLAB R2017b: The Simulation Manager 1

MATLAB R2017b has recently been released. For this first post about R2017b, I want to highlight a feature that I think most of you will find very useful: The Simulation Manager
The Simulation Manager...

Improved Behavior of Auto Tolerance in R2017a

Are you familiar with the meaning of auto for the Absolute tolerance of Simulink variable-step solvers?
In R2017a, we decided to change the meaning of auto for the Absolute Tolerance... If your model... read more >>

Simulating models in parallel made easy with parsim 22

Some time ago, I wrote a series of posts to highlight the different factors to take into account when trying to run simulations in parallel. In R2017a, we are making it significantly easier with the... read more >>

Offload work from your computer by running simulations on a remote cluster

Recently, I noticed that when I right-click on a MATLAB script in the Current Folder Browser, there is an option to run the script as a batch job.

As you can guess, the first thing that when through... read more >>

Simulation Data Inspector inside parfor

Last week I presented a few tips to run simulations in parallel, and received an interesting comment asking how to use the Simulation Data Inspector in that context.
So let's take a...

Tips for simulating models in parallel 7

Update: In MATLAB R2017a the function PARSIM got introduced. For a better experience simulating models in parallel, we recommend using PARSIM instead of SIM inside parfor. See the more recent blog... read more >>

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