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Announcing the release of R2008b! 3

I am proud to announce the arrival of R2008b.  Simulink, Stateflow, and Real-Time Workshop have many important new capabilities to explore.  If you have not yet downloaded the latest release log... read more >>

R2008b: Simulink! 2

I just downloaded and installed the R2008b prerelease, and you can too! Currently licensed users of MathWorks products have access to download and install the R2008b prerelease here... read more >>

Announcing SimElectronics! 7

In early April, our physical modeling team released a new add-on for Simulink, SimElectronics.
SimElectronics extends Simscapeby adding tools for modeling electronics and electromechanical… read more >>

Springtime and R2008a 6

I am eager for winter to release its icy grip on New England. Fortunately, change is in the air and spring is around the corner. At work, the big change is the new release of MATLAB. After… read more >>

Posts 151 - 159 of 159