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All about pixel colors 9

Note See the following posts for new or updated information about this topic: MATLAB image display - from data values to pixel colors MATLAB image display - truecolor and indexed... read more >>

Comment policies 2

I intend to have as few rules as possible about comments on this blog. I may add new rules as the need arises. I will delete or not answer comments that consist largely of questions about... read more >>

DIMES on Mars

Steve Squyres' book, Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet, is a really fun read. Highly recommended. I was particularly interested in DIMES, the Descent... read more >>

MATLAB’s publish function 5

Have you discovered the Publish to HTML functionality in MATLAB 7 yet? If not, you should definitely check it out. I generated the HTML for my recent blog entry, Synthesizing images using... read more >>

More about meshgrid 3

Reader Philip Batchelor thought I could do better in describing meshgrid. I had commented that "meshgrid is kind of hard to describe in words." Well, maybe I was being a bit lazy there, as... read more >>

Welcome! 2

Welcome to my new image processing blog. In the coming weeks and months and years (I hope) I'll be writing here about image processing concepts and algorithms, all within the context of... read more >>