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Image processing concepts, algorithms, and MATLAB

A little deadline pressure

In a recent comment, blog reader Ramiro asks where I've been for the last couple of weeks. Well, I've been right here at my desk, working hard in advance of critical R2006b development deadlines.... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Where is the output image? 7

I wrote previously that most spatial image transformation implementations use inverse mapping. The Image Processing Toolbox function imtransform is implementated using this technique. Here's... read more >>

A Lab-based uniform color scale 40

DSP Tips & Tricks One of my favorite professional publications is IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. It has a regular feature called "DSP Tips & Tricks." In the January... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Inverse mapping 19

I wrote last week about the forward mapping method of spatially transforming images. Because of the disadvantages of the forward mapping method, most of the practical implementations use a... read more >>

Fast local sums

Note See the 09-Jan-2023 post for updated information about this topic, including a discussion of integral images and integral box filtering. The Image Processing Toolbox function... read more >>