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R2010b – Image Acquisition Toolbox and Video and Image Processing Blockset

I think this'll be my last post with news about the R2010b release. I've posted earlier about changes in Image Processing Toolbox (on October 15 and 29) as well as changes in MATLAB (November 5).

Today I want to mention some big things that have happened in the Image Acquisition Toolbox and the Video and Image Processing Blockset.

R2010b includes a major update (version 4.0) of the Image Acquisition Toolbox:

  • The toolbox now supports the GigE Vision standard, which really expands the applications and environments in which the toolbox might be useful. The GigE Vision standard provides a framework for accessing high-speed video devices over Ethernet.
  • Next, the toolbox is now supported on both the Linux and Macintosh platforms.
  • The toolbox has added support for a bunch of new Matrox hardware.
  • Finally, for our Simulink users, the From Video Device block now supports deployable code generation.

The Video and Image Processing Blockset is out with a minor update that includes several enhancements as well.

  • Support for variable sizing of signals for most blocks
  • New estimateFundamentalMatrix function for describing epipolar geometry of a stereo camera using stereo image pairs
  • Enhanced performance for many binary morphology blocks
  • New video.GeometricShearer System object
  • Expanded code generation support for System objects

Published with MATLAB® 7.11

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