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The Two Amigos 15

I'd like to introduce Brett Shoelson as guest blogger for today. Many of you already know Brett from his work on the File Exchange Pick of the Week blog, or his posts on the comp.soft-sys.matlab newsgroup, or from his many presentations given on the road. I met Brett "virtually" many... read more >>

Visualizing regionprops ellipse measurements 19

The Image Processing Toolbox function regionprops gives you measurements of shape-based measurements of image regions. It's pretty useful, and I have shown many examples of it on this blog. Today I want to show you how to visualize the ellipse-based measurements produced by regionprops. ... read more >>

“DIM” terminology 18

I've been bothered recently by a MATLAB terminology question: How should we describe the dim argument in functions such as sum? The documentation for sum says: ... read more >>