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Dilation with linear structuring elements 13

For my series on dilation algorithms, I've followed my unfortunate custom of dragging a series out way too long. :-) So let's wrap it up with a mention of the last key algorithmic idea... 更多内容 >>

Packed dilation and erosion

This post is another in my series on morphological dilation and erosion algorithms. One of the algorithm techniques used by imdilate and imerode is binary image bit packing. In bit packing,... 更多内容 >>

A structuring element decomposition “gotcha” 12

In my earlier posts about dilation and erosion algorithms, I wrote about exploiting structuring element decomposition for improving speed. Today I want to discuss a potential decomposition ... 更多内容 >>

Dilation algorithms – performance of decomposed strels

We looked at the decomposition of different structuring element shapes in my previous post on dilation algorithms. Today let's time some code to how decomposition makes a real difference in... 更多内容 >>

Dilation algorithms—decomposing more shapes 2

In my previous post on dilation algorithms I discussed structuring element decomposition. We looked at the decomposition of structuring elements with rectangular domains. Today I want to... 更多内容 >>

Dilation algorithms—structuring element decomposition 6

This is the second post in my series on algorithm concepts behind the implementation of dilation and erosion in the Image Processing Toolbox. Today I want to talk about structuring... 更多内容 >>

Dilation algorithms—Introduction 20

Post updated on September 4 based on feedback from Cris Luengo's comment. Today I'm starting a new series covering some of the concepts underlying algorithms for performing morphological... 更多内容 >>

Pad values in dilation and erosion 4

Blog reader DKS asked recently why values outside the image are assumed to be -Inf when computing dilation. I thought this issue was worth exploring further because it has practical... 更多内容 >>