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New Geometric Transformation Matrix Convention in R2022b

In the R2022b release, Image Processing Toolbox includes several new geometric transformation objects, such as rigidtform2d, affinetform3d, etc., that use the premultiply matrix convention instead of... read more >>

Update for Code Trace for MATLAB

About a month ago, I posted about my Code Trace for MATLAB tool, which is posted to GitHub and the File Exchange. This tool is useful for exploring and troubleshooting executing MATLAB code. I... read more >>

Double Thresholding

Back in June, my answer to a question on MATLAB Answers used a technique called double thresholding, also known as hysteresis thresholding. Although the question raised was a 1-D problem, I wanted to... read more >>

Code Trace for MATLAB 9

Today's post departs from image processing, my usual subject. Instead, I want to tell you about something that I just put up on GitHub and the MATLAB File Exchange.Earlier this year, I was debugging... read more >>

Puzzle Pieces and Polyshapes

color segmentation, opening by reconstruction, boundary tracing, polyshapesEarlier this summer, Cleve sent me this picture of a puzzle.He asked for tips on turning the individual "cheese slices" into... read more >>

How to use IMSPLIT to split a color image into component images 2

Today I want to show you a handy little function, imsplit, for splitting color images into their components.Also, for no reason other than WOW, I want to show one of the images just released by the... read more >>

Find all the highest pixel values using ismember 2

Today's post shows how to use ismember to conveniently locate all of the highest pixel values in an image. For example, in the following Hough transform image, what are the 20 highest values, and... read more >>

More experiments with sRGB gamut boundary in L*a*b* space 3

I'm still playing around with RGB gamut calculations in $ L^* a^* b^* $ space. (See my last post on this topic, "Visualizing out-of-gamut colors in a Lab curve.") Today's post features some new... read more >>

Puzzles About GIF DelayTime

[TLDR: To create a fast GIF animation using imwrite, use a DelayTime of 0.02 instead of 0.]In my 28-Feb-2022 post, I showed some code that created an animated GIF file using a DelayTime of =... read more >>

Loren Shure and the Art (and History) of MATLAB 1

The one and only Loren Shure has just announced her retirement from MathWorks. I met Loren in early 1993 at the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing in... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 596

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