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Exploring uitable properties 12

Posted by Doug Hull,

I got a question via e-mail that was asking how to set the data in a uitable. Setting the data in a uitable is as easy as: >> a = uitable >> set(a,’data’, magic(3)) The important part of this video is seeing the thought process of discovering that. When you programmatically create a uicontrol, or… read more >>

Breaking up compound statements for the profiler 4

Posted by Doug Hull,

A statement like this: a = sin(x) + cos(y) + inv(z); makes it impossible to know which part of the calculation is the bottleneck. This video shows how to determine what is slowing your code down, and shows how to fix it. if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’) {var playerLoaded = false;}(function isVideojsDefined() {if (typeof(videojs)… read more >>

Flow chart shows which visualization to use 5

Posted by Doug Hull,

Nathan over at had a post that explains what visualization to use in different situations. Ultimately he linked to this chart from Andrew Abela of The Extreme Presentation(tm) Method

Click for original version
The version displayed below was modified with permission of Andrew.

Looking at this, I wondered if I could… read more >>