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MATLAB 2012a: Face detection 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

The new release of MATLAB is here!

I was looking through it, and one thing that caught my eye the most was some face detection algorithms have been added. This is great because I get questions about it a fair amount. I am lending the blog to my friend and colleague, Bruce, to show you what is new in this area of MATLAB.

ps. I just watched this video with someone in the office. His response: “I spent one and a half years of grad school trying to do that!”

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Reem M replied on : 1 of 3


I was wondering if I can get access to the algorithm’s code. I would like to see the exact implementation of the algorithm in contrast to just using it as a function.

Thank you!

Colin replied on : 3 of 3

Would the Viola-Jones algorithm be able to detect plant leaves and importantly, would it be able to link an identity to each one? Say there were a mixture of 3 species with slightly different leaf shapes, could it detect what wads a leaf and then go on to detect what was species A, species B, etc. What about variation within leaves… just as there are variations within faces?
Many thanks. I am new to this but this is a great site!

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