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MATLAB Code-Along Videos

The next set of videos that I post, starting tomorrow, use a style similar to “code-along” videos. This style has been used to capture real-time software development in other languages (e.g. on Twitch TV) after it became popular with video game play capture. It includes all the mistakes, twists and turns, back tracking, and sometimes frustration of real-life development.

These videos will show me using MATLAB to solve a problem from start to finish, not knowing what the solution looks like when I start out. I did edit the videos for time more than is typically done for this style. However, the journey to a solution is still never a straight one, so these videos include:

  • Mistakes: some of them pretty stupid, some of which are obvious immediately (as they cause errors) and some that are only discovered later. Can you spot them before I do?
  • Implementations that I worked on for a while only to find that they are a bad idea and needed to be scrapped in favor of an entirely new way
  • Looking up the documentation to find out how to use a feature
  • Copying snippets from existing code

The goal of these code-along videos is not primarily to teach MATLAB, but to show software development in a realistic “warts and all” way, and at the same time cover some MATLAB capabilities and features in the process.

This is an experiment. Maybe it’s a good idea. Maybe it’s a stupid idea. What do you think? I’m very curious to know, so please tell me in the comment section below. Your comments will help me decide if this is a one-time experiment or a regular occurrence.

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