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Startup Shorts – Developing Safety Solutions for Swaying Payloads with Simulink

Vita Inclinata has been driven by its mission since its inception; “to ensure a lack of technology, will never be the difference between life and death.” Inspired by the tragic outcome of a failed helicopter rescue and sparked out of a conversation between a student and his professor, the team has developed a system to stabilize swinging payloads. The technology can be applied to a range of dangerous industry applications including helicopter rescue operations, crane cargo loads, and forest fire fighting, all with the same end goal – to improve safety.

In just under a decade, the Vita team has worked tirelessly to progress from idea, to prototype, to the deployment of their system. In this feature video, Derek Sikora, Vita’s CTO and co-founder, gives insight into how they adopted Model-Based Design for their development with the support of MathWorks startup program.

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