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IBM Hexadecimal Floating Point

Our technical support group recently received a request for a tool that would convert IBM System/360 hexadecimal floating point numbers to the IEEE-754 format. I am probably the only one left at MathWorks that actually used IBM mainframe computers. I thought we had seen the last of hexadecimal arithmetic years ago. But, it turns out that the hexadecimal floating point format is alive and well.... 更多内容 >>

A Sixty-Year Old Program for Predicting the Future 1

The graphics in my post about R^2 were produced by an updated version of a sixty-year old program involving the U.S. census. Originally, the program was based on census data from 1900 to 1960 and sought to predict the population in 1970. The software back then was written in Fortran, the predominate technical programming language a half century ago. I have updated the MATLAB version of the program so that it now uses census data from 1900 to 2020.... 更多内容 >>

R-squared. Is Bigger Better? 1

The coefficient of determination, R-squared or R^2, is a popular statistic that describes how well a regression model fits data. It measures the proportion of variation in data that is predicted by a model. However, that is all that R^2 measures. It is not appropriate for any other use. For example, it does not support extrapolation beyond the domain of the data. It does not suggest that one model is preferable to another.... 更多内容 >>

Closest Pair of Points Problem

The Closest Pair of Points problem is a standard topic in an algorithms course today, but when I taught such a course fifty years ago, the algorithm was not yet known.... 更多内容 >>

Twenty Years of Parallel MATLAB

I have just returned from the MathWorks company meeting celebrating our 40th Anniversary. In one of the presentations, Jos Martin described how Parallel MATLAB was introduced almost twenty years ago. Here are a few slides from Jos's talk.... 更多内容 >>

Chaotic Swinging Sticks 2

The Swinging Sticks is a kinetic sculpture that exhibits chaotic motion. The device became very popular after it upstaged Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. My daughter Carolyn gave me a desktop version of Swinging Sticks for Christmas. I immediately set out to simulate it.... 更多内容 >>

Nick Higham (1961-2024) 1

Nick Higham passed away last Saturday. Nick was a close friend of mine and a great friend of MATLAB. I will leave it to others to describe his research and teaching, his many honors, and his service to our community, especially SIAM. I have just a few, more personal, comments.... 更多内容 >>

Exponential Fitting, Separable Least Squares, and Quahogs 1

We have been investigating a recent bug report about fitnlm, the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox function for robust fitting of nonlinear models.... 更多内容 >>

Season’s Greetings 1

Season's Greeings Get the MATLAB code (requires JavaScript) Published with MATLAB®... 更多内容 >>

Blog Post Number 300, Vibrating Logo 2

This is post number 300 of Cleve's Corner blog. The first post was on June 6, 2012, which is 600 weeks ago. So, I have averaged one post every two weeks for over a decade. The posts were more frequent in the early days and are less frequent today.... 更多内容 >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 309

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