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Top 5 Examples on GitHub you should know about

Did you know MATLAB has a GitHub page? I went to see the site for myself, and it now has over 200 repositories, and quite a few deep learning-related projects.

Below are 5 deep learning examples you may not know existed or perhaps haven’t gotten around to trying yet.



UNPIC, a new explainer app

UNPIC is an app which can be used to:

  • Calculate network accuracy and the prediction scores of an image.
  • Investigate network predictions and misclassifications with occlusion sensitivity, Grad-CAM, and gradient attribution.
  • Visualize activations, maximally activating images, and deep dream.
  • Compute and examine the t-SNE plot to better understand network misclassifications.

>> Link to Repo


Yolo V4
Apparently we're up to version 4 for Yolo now, and you don't have to wait for a specific release to utilize the latest version! GitHub Repos are updated whenever a new model available.
>> Link to Repo    


Human Pose Estimation

This demo uses a deep neural network to perform 3D pose estimation. It's a pretty popular example, and the GIF makes this look pretty cool. Check it out and let me know what you think.

>> Link to Repo


Transformer Models

I'd been searching for a good example to understand more about GPT-2, but couldn’t find it right away. I'm happy to report it's easy to find with a simple "Transformer" search!! This includes both a BERT example and GPT-2

>> Link to Repo


Anomaly Detection using Autoencoders
This example runs through a full example of using predictive maintenance for Anomaly detection: Extract features and detect anomalies in industrial machinery vibration data using a biLSTM Autoencoder  
>> Link to Repo  

Other contenders that didn't quite make the top 5:

#6 Mask detection – This is still a popular example that was highlighted as blog post last year: Code is here, Blog Post is here.
#7 Reinforcement Learning for Finance – This was released as an example almost 2 years ago, but remains popular. If you are into RL for Finance, you should definitely check this out:

See all of the deep learning repositories on MATLAB's Github Page, and leave a comment for other examples you like or would you’d like to see in the future.

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