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What’s New in 19b: MATLAB 3

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

This post is from Heather Gorr - MATLAB product marketing - here to talk about the new release of R2019b and new MATLAB functionality related to deep learning. You can get a high level overview of... read more >>

MATLAB wins Hackathon 2

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

This post is from Paola Jaramillo, Application Engineer from the Benelux office. Back in February, I attended a hackathon hosted by Itility: meeting for 3 hours to solve an image classification... read more >>

The Deep Learning Dozen 5

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

6 Twitter accounts and 6 blogs to keep you current I find it hard sometimes to keep up with the latest deep learning trends, so I made a list of blogs and people to follow. Hopefully you find this... read more >>