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Understanding and using deep learning networks

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Deep Learning for Signal Processing Applications

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

I’d like to introduce Frantz Bouchereau, development manager for Signal Processing Toolbox who is going to dive deep into insights on deep learning for signal processing, including the complete deep learning workflow for signal processing applications. It's a longer post than usual, but jam packed with actionable information. Enjoy! Introduction Today we... read more >>

Did you know? Deep Network Designer 1

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

  I want to take a minute to highlight one of the apps of Deep Learning Toolbox: Deep Network Designer. This app can be useful for more than just building a network from scratch, plus in 19a the app generates MATLAB code to programatically create networks! I want to walk through a... read more >>

What’s new in R2019a: Features 1

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

Welcome again to R2019a! There’s a new release of MATLAB out right now. Last post, we covered a bunch of new 19a examples, and today's post will dive into the specifics of new deep learning features. Please note: this is primarily for deep learning features, and this list isn’t comprehensive. (Think... read more >>

What’s New R2019a: Examples 2

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

Hi Everyone! Welcome to R2019a. A new version of MATLAB is available now! I'd like to walk through a few of the new deep learning examples. I categorized the new examples based on their application area.This was a great release for examples, and I guarantee there is something for everyone in... read more >>

Image-to-Image Regression 8

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

Today I'd like to talk about the basic concepts of setting up a network to train on an image-to-image regression problem. This demo came about for two reasons: There are quite a few questions on MATLAB answers about image–to–image deep learning problems. I’m planning a future in-depth post with an image... read more >>

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

This is a guest post from Paul Pilotte, technical marketing manager for data science and predictive analytics. Gartner recognizes MathWorks as a Visionary in its January 2019 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms Deep learning and AI are top of mind in many organizations we work with at MathWorks.... read more >>

Deep Learning Visualizations: CAM Visualization 2

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

I’m hoping by now you’ve heard that MATLAB has great visualizations, which can be helpful in deep learning to help uncover what’s going on inside your neural network. Last post, we discussed visualizations of features learned by a neural network. Today, I’d like to write about another visualization you can do... read more >>

Neural Network Feature Visualization

Posted by Johanna Pingel,

Visualization of the data and the semantic content learned by a network This post comes from Maria Duarte Rosa, who is going to talk about different ways to visualize features learned by networks. Today, we'll look at two ways to gain insight into a network using two methods: k-nearest neighbors and t-SNE, which... read more >>

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