Deep Learning

Understanding and using deep learning networks

Five AI Trends for 2021

It’s that time of year again, when many people look forward to a new year and new trends! At MathWorks, we put a lot of energy and focus on trends for AI to inform product direction that influences... read more >>

Deep Learning Visualizations

Evaluating deep learning model performance can be done a variety of ways. A confusion matrix answers some questions about the model performance, but not all. How do we know that the model is... read more >>

Best of 2020

Well folks, we made it. Before we leave 2020 behind for good, I would like to take a moment and recognize some of the most popular posts and new materials created this year. Most Popular Posts of... read more >>

MathWorks at NeurIPS 2020

Post by Shounak Mitra, Product Manager – Deep Learning and AI We are very close to the start of the biggest AI conference of the year! Last year when I left Vancouver after attending NeurIPS 2019,... read more >>

Deep Wine Designer

This post is another from Ieuan Evans, who brought us Deep Beer Designer, back today to talk about wine! It's a longer post than usual, but packed with useful information for Deep Learning for Text.... read more >>

New Deep Learning Examples

There are over 35 new deep learning related examples in the latest release. That’s a lot to cover, and the release notes can get a bit dry, so I brought in reinforcements. I asked members of the... read more >>

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