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MathWorks Collaborates with MobilityXlab to Award Top Startups

MathWorks recently partnered with Swedish collaboration hub MobilityXlab to bring forth the Future Mobility Awards. The two organizations have offices just minutes away within the global hub of automotive engineering of Gothenburg, Sweden. Teams from both companies came together with the goal to recognize startups across the globe who are advancing and innovating solutions in mobility and transportation. The awards were split into four key categories: Sustainability, AI for Safety, Connectivity and Virtual Development.  

The Future Mobility Awards presented in four categories. Image courtesy of MobilityXlab.

Working with some of the leading automotive corporations and MobilityXlab partners, Timian Goldbeck-Wood of MathWorks said, “Together we felt that these four categories represent the megatrends that are really shaping the future of the mobility industry. And with that we believe that the startups that are nominated and the winners can really be seen to be at the leading edge of transforming the way that [we] will engage with mobility in the future.” 

The winning startups were chosen by a panel of expert judges including leaders from CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, Zenseact (formerly Zenuity) and MathWorks. MathWorks presented the Virtual Development award with judging chaired by European consulting lead Chris Hayhurst.  

Hayhurst discussed three technology revolutions he sees as driving future mobility. “First, software is central to the megatrends of future mobility… secondly, it’s clear that complexity is increasing as customers demand new features and new services and experiences in every product they purchase, driving more connective systems inside and outside vehicles…lastly, artificial intelligence has moved from research to implementation and production, creating the need for vast amount of data and good quality data to train these systems.”  

Virtual development is essential for all three revolutions and MathWorks is creating the tools to make it easy for domain experts to do that development. -Chris Hayhurst 

Chris Hayhurst presents virtually at the Future Mobility Awards Ceremony.

On October 6th, the winners were announced during a hybrid in person and virtual awards ceremony. The winning companies will receive a monetary prize as well as exclusive coaching from industry expertsSelected out of over 80 startups from across the world, the four winning startups chosen for advancements in their respective categories are:

Reality AI, USA (AI for Safety) 

Enervibe, Israel & USA (Connectivity) 

Teraloop, Finland (Sustainability)

SiaSearch, Germany (Virtual Development)

Timian Goldbeck-Wood presents the Virtual Development Future Mobility Award to Uriel Eldan of SiaSearch.

MathWorks works with both major engineering enterprises, as well as innovating startups to acceleratthe pace at which they can bring their ideas and designs to reality. We are thrilled to work with partners like MobilityXlab who sit as the intersection of these two areas and share our goal of changing the world through accelerating the pace of discovery, innovation, design and learning. 

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