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How AMZ Racing Designed the Motor Controller to Achieve 0 to 100 km/h in 0.956 Seconds

For today’s blog post, Veer Alakshendra is excited to welcome Joel Flückiger and Lucas Gibson from the AMZ Racing Formula Student team. Joel and Lucas will be discussing the motor controller… 더 읽어보기 >>

Snake-like Robot Modeling and Navigation

In today’s post,  Bhavik M. Patel from IIT Guwahati shares his approach to model a snake robot and test the model with different control strategies for various environmental conditions…. 더 읽어보기 >>

Where are they now? – Daniel Tran, BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi Switzerland)

Today we’re talking to Daniel Tran from BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi Switzerland). As a Materials Science student at ETH Zürich between 2022 and 2023, Daniel participated in the MATLAB Student… 더 읽어보기 >>

Custom ROS messages for Object Detection

In today’s blog, Abhishek Shankar will show you how you can build custom ROS messages for object detection. Over to you, Abhishek..

Deep learning has proven to be extremely useful in… 더 읽어보기 >>

Predicting Time to Diagnosis for the WiDS Datathon #2

In today’s blog, Grace Woolson will show how you can use MATLAB and machine learning to make meaningful deductions from healthcare data for patients who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast… 더 읽어보기 >>

Building an Intrusion Detection System: A Triumph at the SANReN Cyber Security Challenge

Meet the champions: Shani Nezar, Uhone Teffo, Carlo Barnardo, and Heinrich E. Guided, this team trained the most accurate machine learning model among all 10 teams at the SANReN Cyber Security… 더 읽어보기 >>

Where are they now? – Amine Taoudi, NXP

Today, We’re talking to Amine Taoudi: a Vehicle Controls and Networking Solutions Applications Engineer at NXP Semiconductors. As a student at Mississippi Statue University, Amine participated… 더 읽어보기 >>

Virginia Tech AutoDrive Simulation Suite for Autonomous Vehicles

The focus of this blog is to delve into Virginia Tech’s simulation team and show off how they leveraged MathWorks’ Simulink and MATLAB platforms to gain major insights into the… 더 읽어보기 >>

Climb stairs and shoot the target: A Student Robotics Project!

For this week’s blog post, we invited an ABU Robocon team, BRACT’s Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune to share their journey to winning 3rd place in the MathWorks Modelling Award at DD… 더 읽어보기 >>

Navigating the depth: Advocating for better Engineering Education with MATLAB on YouTube 3

Today, we are talking to Phil Parisi, who recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island and now works as a robotics researcher at a coastal research laboratory. He also runs a popular… 더 읽어보기 >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 174

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