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What’s New R2019a: Examples

Hi Everyone! Welcome to R2019a. A new version of MATLAB is available now! I'd like to walk through a few of the new deep learning examples.
I categorized the new examples based on their application area.This was a great release for examples, and I guarantee there is something for everyone in this list. Check them out and let me know what you think.
Image Processing and Computer Vision Examples  
3-D Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Learning Image-to-Image Regression* Train a YOLO v2 Object Detector Classify Video using Deep Learning
* Remember when I did an article on Image-to-Image Regression? This 2nd doc example is much easier to follow and uses new techniques in 19a.
Audio Examples
Voice Activity Detection in Noise Using Deep Learning Cocktail Party Source Separation Using Deep Learning Networks Acoustic Scene Recognition Using Late Fusion
Reinforcement Learning Examples
Reinforcement Learning is a brand-new toolbox to support deep learning for controls. This won’t be the last time you hear about this.
Train a reinforcement learning agent to solve a grid world problem. Train a controller to balance an inverted pendulum in MATLAB using reinforcement learning
This has been described to me as "Reinforcement Learning 101", so if you're interested in this topic, start here.
Train a robot to walk in a straight-line using Simulink and reinforcement learning
If you run the 3rd reinforcement learning example, you will get a cool walking robot. An in-depth video will walk you through the example, including the problem setup, neural network design, and speeding up training.
Signal and Wavelet Examples
Waveform segmentation using Deep Learning Modulation Classification Texture Classification with Wavelet Scattering
Radar and Comms Examples
Radar Target Classification using Machine and Deep Learning Radar Waveform Classification Using Deep Learning
Take a look at the relevant demos to you and let me know what you think. Also, I'm always curious: how often do you upgrade releases? How do you find out what's new? Leave a comment below.
Stay tuned for more posts about what's new in 19a!

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