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結果: Parallel Computing

Storing Parameters in AWS using MATLAB

In a previous blog post, Notifications from MATLAB, I showed how Amazon's Notification system (AWS SNS) can be used from MATLAB service can be used to easily send information between endpoints in a... 続きを読む >>

Encouragingly Parallel (Epilogue) 3

OK, so remember how we just went through the exercise (not just once, but twice) of how you can write a function to help parallelize your test runs? Well all of that still applies if you have not yet upgraded to MATLAB R2015a. However, if you do have R2015a you now get this out of the box because the TestRunner now has a runInParallel method!... 続きを読む >>

Encouragingly Parallel (Part 2) 1

Last time we showed that using a simple parfor loop we could reduce the runtime of a representative test suite from 6 to 7 minutes (when run serially) down to a minute and a half. However, we still faced some problems:... 続きを読む >>

Encouragingly Parallel 6

ContentsThe Test SuiteInto the PoolWhen I am neck deep in hardcore TDD Red-Green-Refactor cycles I am constantly looking for ways to ensure that my feedback loop is as quick as possible. If the... 続きを読む >>