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Startup Shorts – Heila Connects Distributed Clean Energy Sources

As the world moves to combat the imminent threat of climate change, we are seeing an innovation charge for cleaner technology sources. Startups are often at the forefront of some of these new sources of power like wave or kite-driven energy sources, in addition to modernizing existing clean energy solutions like solar power. However, even with these new sources available, the issues of utilizing them within the traditional, centralized grid remain. Take, for example, the Texas energy crisis this past winter. Power generation from both natural gas and wind went offline due to freezing temperatures. In order to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the grid, forced power shut-offs were implemented leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power and in the cold.

Enter Heila Technologies, a Massachusetts-based startup, working to revolutionize the grid as we know it. In this startup short, hear from Heila CEO, Francisco Morocz, as he discusses how the company is building self-managing microgrids. Their flagship product, the Heila EDGE platform, connects distributed energy resources into single power networks, allowing communities to be self-resilient and maintaining the possibility to provide clean energy to centralized grids in an emergency like we saw in Texas.

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