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Machine learning to the rescue: When you just can’t hold still for an MRI

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scan uses the body’s natural magnetic properties and radio waves to produce detailed images of the brain and the brain stem. Since no radiation is used, it is a safer alternative for most than a computed tomography (CT) scan and provides more detailed images of the soft tissue…. read more >>

Bug Brain Beats Machine Learning 5

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Living organisms have long provided inspiration for technology. Biomimicry of birds helped us design our first aircraft, while the structure of seed burs was copied for Velcro. Today, biomimicry is being applied to advanced technology such as robotics and computer vision…. read more >>

Imaging Algorithm Lets You See Around Corners with Laser Pulses

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Stanford’s new laser-based imaging technology could take blind spot detection in cars to a whole new level. Not only can it see things the driver can’t see from the driver’s seat, it can see things that aren’t visible from anywhere on the car. It “sees” things that are not in… read more >>

Creepy, crawly robot baby shows just how much bio-gunk babies inhale

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Researchers at Purdue University designed a crawling robot baby to determine how much dirt, bacteria, pollen and fungal spores babies inhale as they move through their indoor, carpeted environments. The robot looks more like a legless, tinfoil-encased baby cyclops than an adorable toddler, but the design worked well.  It showed… read more >>

Concussions, TBI, the NFL and Science

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Cleveland Clinic's Intelligent Mouthguard uses kinematic sensors and MATLAB to determine severity of head impact.

The science behind the diagnosis and treatment of concussions

With the increased focus on TBI, it was no surprise to find many researchers working on the issue. Much of the research focuses on brain mapping, while other research is working on improving the accuracy of sideline more >>

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