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a* and b* 3

Note added 27-Apr-2021: See the updated discussion of this topic in the 27-Apr-2021 post, "Plotting a* and b* colors." Last week I showed how to compute a two-dimensional histogram.... 続きを読む >>

Two-Dimensional Histograms 20

Last week I showed this picture of M&Ms on my desk, and I used it to raise some vague questions about the definition of the color green. Today I'll use this picture as an opportunity... 続きを読む >>

What color is green? 12

"Why do you have M&Ms on your desk?" my friend Nausheen wanted to know. Well, the truth is, for playing around with color images, M&Ms are simply irresistable. url =... 続きを読む >>

MATLAB Documentation Center search

I really like the search feature in the new (beta version) MATLAB Documentation Center. (You need a login to access the beta doc center.) I wanted quicker access to it, so I... 続きを読む >>

R2010b – Image Acquisition Toolbox and Video and Image Processing Blockset 3

I think this'll be my last post with news about the R2010b release. I've posted earlier about changes in Image Processing Toolbox (on October 15 and 29) as well as changes in MATLAB... 続きを読む >>

The mystery of the failing TIFF append loop 10

For today's post I'd like to introduce guest blogger Ashish Uthama, a MATLAB developer. He's got a story to share with you about a topic, TIFF import and export, that I know interests... 続きを読む >>

R2010b – MATLAB changes 4

Last week I wrote about Image Processing Toolbox changes in R2010b, and this week I want to mention some MATLAB changes that particularly caught my eye. I should start by saying... 続きを読む >>

R2010b – More Image Processing Toolbox changes 3

In my October 15 post I mentioned some Image Processing Toolbox performance improvements in the R2010b release. Today I want to mention other improvements in the release. There... 続きを読む >>

How long is the coast of Britain? 1

I heard this morning that Benoît B. Mandelbrot died over the weekend. Dr. Mandelbrot developed the theory of fractal geometry. Here's a picture of the set that bears his... 続きを読む >>

R2010b – Image Processing Toolbox performance improvements 13

MathWorks shipped release R2010b last month. Today I want to mention several performance improvements made in the Image Processing Toolbox. First, imresize received more love and... 続きを読む >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 46