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A cheating maze solver with image graphs 3

Updated 04-Jan-2016 to fix a problem with the maze image that was causing an incorrect result for the cheating maze solver.... read more >>

Image-based graphs

Last time I showed you the basics of using the new graph theory functionality in MATLAB R2015b. Today I want to talk about some functions I put on the File Exchange for making graphs from images. Those of you working with graph-based image analysis algorithms might find them useful. I would be very interested in receiving feedback on these functions.... read more >>

Graphs in MATLAB R2015b 1

I was inspired by ICIP 2015 and by the new graph functions in MATLAB R2015b to write some functions to help experiment with graph-based image processing algorithms. Earlier this week I submitted the code to the File Exchange. Here's a screen shot:... read more >>

Image resizing geometry

This question landed in my inbox recently:I have a 721x1441 matrix, T, of temperature values. The x-axis goes from 0 to 360 degrees in steps of 0.25 degrees. The y-axis goes from -90 to 90 degrees,... read more >>

Recent File Exchange submissions 1

In the last 30 days, The MATLAB Central File Exchange has had 52 submissions that are tagged image processing.Here are some highlights.Matt Eicholtz submitted neighbor2ind, a function that computes... read more >>

Improved dashed and dotted lines in EPS files

At the ICIP (International Conference on Image Processing) last week, a customer stopped by the MathWorks booth to chat. He said that he regularly uses one of the File Exchange submissions that... read more >>

ICIP presentation materials

For those of you who attended my MATLAB Today talk at ICIP this week, you can get a PDF version of the slides here. If you weren’t at the talk, then some of the slides might not make sense... read more >>

Pluto’s majestic mountains and frozen plains

Image credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI Isn’t that amazing? The image was captured by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft just 15 minutes after its closest approach to Pluto back in July. On... read more >>

ICIP 2015

Are you attending ICIP (IEEE International Conference on Image Processing) in Québec City, Canada later this month? Then register for my industry workshop presentation, MATLAB Today. It’s 12:30... read more >>

Many D65 values to choose from 3

I am a crazy person. Late last week I was chasing down some numerical precision questions I had about certain color-space computations. I found myself trying to determine, once and for all, what... read more >>

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