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Almost-connected-component labeling 14

In a recent post I demonstrated the use of bwdist (binary image Euclidean distance transform) to perform isotropic dilation. This was inspired by something that Brett asked me about. ... read more >>

Visualizing the output of bwlabel 4

I often find myself writing small functions that help visualize certain image processing algorithms. For example, my last three posts on bwlabel included identical snippets of code that... read more >>

Corresponding labeled objects in two images 10

Several questions I've seen about bwlabel are about finding the correspondences between object labels in two images. In other words, if a particular pixel is in the foreground in two... read more >>

Relabeling a label matrix 16

The three most common questions I've been hearing about bwlabel, which is used for labeling connected components in a binary image, are about Search order ... read more >>

bwlabel search order 23

I've received several questions over the past months about the search order for the function bwlabel and whether it can be changed. Today's post discusses the search-order issue, how useful it... read more >>

bwlabeln – design decision 13

In a comment on my "Connected component labeling - Part 6" post, Martin Isenburg asked "what is the rationale behind the design decision to have bwlabeln work on individual pixels rather than on... read more >>

Connected component labeling – Wrapping up 2

I've about run out of things to say for now about connected component labeling algorithms. ("Hurray!" shouts the audience.) For reference, here's a summary of all the posts in the... read more >>

Connected component labeling – Part 7 11

I described in my previous connected component labeling post the algorithm used by bwlabeln. This time I'll talk about the variation used by bwlabel. This variation uses run-length encoding as... read more >>

Connected component labeling – Part 6 25

In this part of the connected component labeling series, I'll finally get to one of the algorithms actually used in the Image Processing Toolbox. It's based on a technique called ... read more >>

Connected component labeling – Part 5 39

OK, I've learned an important lesson about this blog: I really shouldn't start up two topics series at the same time. It's too hard to find the time to compose posts on both topics each... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 14