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Cleaning up scanned text – revisited 4

Have you ever used the distance transform? For a binary image, the distance transform is the distance from every pixel to the nearest foreground (nonzero) pixel. (Sometimes you'll see... read more >>


How can I possibly resist the opportunity to post about something called METACOW? The Munsell Color Science Laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has made available... read more >>

Remembering Gene Golub, 1932 – 2007

The book Matrix Computations by Gene Golub and Charles Van Loan sits on the bookshelves of many MathWorks employees. Professor Golub, one of the founding members of the Stanford University... read more >>

Cleaning up scanned text 30

Earlier this year I exchanged e-mail with blog reader Craig Doolittle. Craig was writing MATLAB scripts to clean up scanned pages from old manuscripts. One of the samples he sent me was... read more >>

GUI debugging video – recommended

Doug posted a recorded GUI debugging session on his Pick of the Week blog. If you want to pick up some GUI programming and debugging techniques from an expert, it's definitely worth a... read more >>

General connectivity 5

The notion of neighbor connectivity is discussed in most image processing textbooks. Specifically, what is the set of neighbors of a pixel? For example, a commonly-used neighborhood... read more >>

Classification of operations 24

In image processing textbooks, you often see low-level image processing operations grouped into two categories: Point processes Neighborhood processes In a point process, the... read more >>

From the archives: All about pixel colors 7

When I started this blog in early 2006, one of my first series of articles was called "All About Pixel Colors." These articles discussed how MATLAB associates matrix values with specific screen... read more >>

Image deblurring – Wiener filter 73

I'd like to welcome back guest blogger Stan Reeves, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Auburn University. Stan will be writing a few blogs here about image... read more >>

Can you share an MMT with us?

Note added July 30, 2008: See this post for an update. In September I wrote about customer-reported speed issues related to TIFF files containing a very large number (thousands or tens of... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 71