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How to Write Animated PNG (APNG) Files from MATLAB 3

Today, I'm writing about how to create animated PNG (APNG) files, such as this one: I first wrote about APNG files last February. An APNG file is a valid PNG image file that uses file metadata in a... read more >>

How to Go a Little Crazy with Graphics Titles 1

The title function is the third most commonly-used function in my 13 years of writing this blog, after imshow and imread. You have probably all used this function many times.... read more >>

How to Overlay a Color on an Image Using a Mask

In my first year of writing this blog (2006!), I showed how to overlay a color onto an image based on a mask. This was the example I gave back then: I wrote a function called imoverlay to handle all... read more >>

How to Read and Visualize a DICOM Volume 6

Earlier this year, I learned something about DICOM datasets that surprised me. I had downloaded a Head-Neck CT+PET study, and I wanted to create a volume array in MATLAB. I tried to do this the hard... read more >>

Guess the functions and get a t-shirt 54

Of all the MATLAB or MathWorks toolbox functions that have been mentioned in this blog since 2006, imshow and imread have appeared the most. As in last week's post, they often appear together,... read more >>

How to display images with bilinear interpolation and antialiasing 6

Note: this blog post describes an image display feature that is new in R2019b. You can download this release from is my new favorite image: But that's just a... read more >>

The tool builder’s gene (or how to get a job at MathWorks) 8

In my second year of grad school (1987-88), my thesis advisor asked me to develop some PC-based digital signal processing (DSP) tools to be used for computer-based lab assignments. (At the time,... read more >>

Using the Color Threshold app again 3

Back in the summer I had another chance to use the Color Thresholder, a very nice app that's in the Image Processing Toolbox. I happened to come across a question on MATLAB Answers - someone was... read more >>

Documenting performance improvements 7

I recently noticed a change in the way we write some of our product release notes, and I wanted to mention it to you.In my quarter century at MathWorks doing toolbox and MATLAB development, there... read more >>

New Hubble portrait of Jupiter

I thought this was worth sharing. From NASA's This new Hubble Space Telescope view of Jupiter, taken on June 27, 2019, reveals the giant planet's trademark Great Red... read more >>

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