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Update for Code Trace for MATLAB

About a month ago, I posted about my Code Trace for MATLAB tool, which is posted to GitHub and the File Exchange. This tool is useful for exploring and troubleshooting executing MATLAB code.

I just published an update, version 2.0.0. There are now several new options for addCodeTrace, including:

  • Evaluate code trace expressions with no output arguments
    NumExpressionOutputs = 0 or 1
  • Write code trace displays to file instead of showing them in the Command Window
    OutputFile = filename
  • Suppress the stack depth indentation
    ShowStackDepth = true or false
  • Suppress code trace displays
    DisplayTrace = true or false

Note that version 2.0.0 no longer does stack depth indentation by default.

See my earlier post for more information about this tool.

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