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Piet Hein, Super Ellipses and Soma Cubes 3

An extraordinarily creative Danish mathematician, inventor, and poet who often wrote under the Old Norse pseudonym "Kumbel" meaning "tombstone." A direct descendant of the Dutch naval hero of the 16th century who had the same name, Piet Hein was born in Copenhagen and studied at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Copenhagen (later the Niels Bohr Institute) and the Technical University of Denmark. ... 更多内容 >>

Origins of Colormaps 2

Steve Eddins has recently posted a series in his blog about colormaps. I want to add one more post. With release R2014b, we are retiring jet as the default colormap, after many years of faithful service. But did you ever wonder where jet originated, and how it came to be the default? And did you ever come across colormaps like pink and bone?... 更多内容 >>

Posts 51 - 60 of 68