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A Sixty-Year Old Program for Predicting the Future 1

The graphics in my post about R^2 were produced by an updated version of a sixty-year old program involving the U.S. census. Originally, the program was based on census data from 1900 to 1960 and sought to predict the population in 1970. The software back then was written in Fortran, the predominate technical programming language a half century ago. I have updated the MATLAB version of the program so that it now uses census data from 1900 to 2020.... read more >>

R-squared. Is Bigger Better? 1

The coefficient of determination, R-squared or R^2, is a popular statistic that describes how well a regression model fits data. It measures the proportion of variation in data that is predicted by a model. However, that is all that R^2 measures. It is not appropriate for any other use. For example, it does not support extrapolation beyond the domain of the data. It does not suggest that one model is preferable to another.... read more >>