VAXBARN Restores Vibrating Membrane on Ardent Titan

VAXBARN Restores Vibrating Membrane on Ardent Titan


This is a short post to point to a web site in the Netherlands, VAXBARN. The site proprietor, Camiel Vanderhoeven, is assembling a collection of historically interesting computers.

In 2013 I wrote a series of posts about the Ardent Titan. I worked at Ardent for most of its brief existence in the late 1980's. The Titan was a high powered graphics workstation and the only computer to have MATLAB bundled with the manufacturer's software.

Camile has acquired the Titan originally provided by Ardent to Stanford Aeronautics Professor Antony Jameson for the development of his FLO series of computational fluid dynamics codes widely used at the time by the aircraft industry. (I last saw the machine stored in Tony's garage.)

Camile has described his experience getting the machine to work again after almost 30 years out of commission, restoring the Ardent Titan. He brings up MATLAB 3.5 at time stamp 14:18 in the video.

Another video is about the MATLAB Vibrating L-Shaped Membrane on the Titan. In 1988, this was the first time I saw what was to become the MathWorks logo vibrating in real time. I am having trouble getting a link from the blog to work correctly. Copy this link and paste it into your web browser:

Or, browse for:

Youtube L-shaped Membranes in TITAN-MATLAB

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