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Apologies to Gram-Schmidt

Posted by Cleve Moler,

This is a follow-up to my previous follow-up, posted several days ago. A very careful reader, Bruno Bazzano, contributed a comment pointing out what he called "a small typo" in my code for the classic Gram-Schmidt algorithm. It is more than a small typo, it is a serious blunder. I must correct the code, then do more careful experiments and reword my conclusions.... read more >>

Magic Stars

Posted by Cleve Moler,

Magic Stars are a little like Magic Squares. My grandson was introduced to them in his junior high school math class.... read more >>

Magic Squares Meet Supercomputing

Posted by Cleve Moler,

I have just returned from the huge Supercomputing 2012 conference in Salt Lake City. I can report on interesting reactions to some questions I posed in last week's blog and on some impressive speedup results when we ran the code in last week's blog on a parallel cluster in the Cloud.... read more >>