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Christian Reinsch, Roland Bulirsch, and the SVD 2

Christian Reinsch and Roland Bulirsch both passed away recently, Reinsch on October 8 and Bulirsch on September 21. Reinsch was 88 years old and Bulirsch was 89. Both of them were retired professors of numerical analysis at the Technical University of Munich. Both of them were friends of mine. But in almost all other ways, they were very different people.... read more >>

“Odd Rock” on Mars Exhibits (Almost) Magic Square 1

A news story released yesterday, March 31,by c|net has the headline... read more >>

Biorhythms and Energy Vortices Near Sedona, Arizona 1

Sedona Arizona is a perfect site for the first MathWorks excursion into lifestyle products.... read more >>

Two Other MATLABs, in Bangladesh and in Hindi 2

This post is about the words "Matlab" and "matlab", in upper and lower case, and without a trademark symbol. Matlab with a capital "M" is a district in Bangladesh. "matlab" with a lower case "m" is a common word in the Hindi language. ... read more >>

My First Computer, the Burroughs 205 Datatron 1

The first computer that I seriously used was the Burroughs 205 Datatron. I actually used two different machines, one at Caltech for two years in 1959-61 and one at the University of Utah in the summer of 1960. Both the technology and the style of usage were wildly different from today's computers.... read more >>

Trip Report: SuperComputing 2015

SC15, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, was held in Austin, Texas, last week, November 15 through 20. This is the largest trade show and conference that MathWorks participates in each year.... read more >>

Trip Report: Trefethen Birthday Conference 4

"New Directions in Numerical Computation" was a conference in celebration of Nick Trefethen's 60th birthday held August 25-28 in the new Andrew Wiles building, which houses the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford.... read more >>

Trip Report: NACONF 2015 and Sparse Days III

I have just returned from two meetings in Europe, the 26th Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, and Sparse Days III in Saint-Girons, France.... read more >>

Householder Symposium XIX Trip Report

The nineteenth Householder Symposium, Householder XIX, was held June 8-13 at Sol Cress, a conference center near Spa, Belgium. If you have been following either the web or the newletter edition of Cleve's Corner you know that the Gatlinburg/Householder series of conferences have played an important role in both my professional life and the history of MATLAB. I attended what turned out to be the third conference in the series, in Gatlinburg, Tennesse, when I was a graduate student in 1964. I have been to all 17 of the conferences that have been held since 1964. Here is a link to my News and Notes article about the Gatlinburg/Householder conferences.... read more >>

China Trip Report 4

I have just completed a wonderful trip, a two-week lecture tour of eight universities in five cities in China. I was accompanied on the trip by David Chen from the MathWorks office in Shanghai and Cecilia Liu from our Beijing office. We made a side trip to the Giant Panda Conservation Research Base, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, central China, where we had an opportunity to meet this fellow, who is not a MATLAB user.... read more >>