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MATLAB R2024a has been released: Here are my favourite updates

The latest version of MATLAB is now available for download and it's our biggest update yet. I have to tell you, I'm really excited by this one! It has got some features that I've been wanting for for a long long time. I'll be doing deeper dives into some of my favourite things over the next few weeks but, for now, here's an overview of some of the features that got me excited for R2024a.
These are just a few of my personal highlights out of thousands of updates. The official release highlights page is here but even that is just a subset of the full release notes.
My favourite toolbox updates
  • Simulink 3D animation: This isn't a product I'd used before but just a glance at the video below made me reach out to the team and ask "Tell me everything!"
Official release video for R2024a
Untitled Project.gif
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