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Startup Shorts: Dynisma is Redefining the World of Automotive Motion Simulation

Dynisma is a company that designs world-class motion simulators. Automotive manufacturers can simulate a ride in their vehicles before ever building a car, allowing them to bring products to the field in a much quicker timeframe. Motorsport drivers get an immersive, dynamic experience, merging the aspects of vehicle engineering, driver’s performance, and management of data to output the highest chance of success during a race.

What sets Dynisma’s technology apart are two crucial aspects: latency and bandwidth. The extremely low latency of 3-5ms allows drivers to experience events and react as if handling changes in real-time. The high bandwidth of the system creates a lifelike driving experience, giving the human body sensations like road noise and engine vibration. Dynisma is redefining motion simulation.

Using MathWorks® products, the team captured all the physical components of the system and built a detailed mathematical model of the motion generator, evaluating new concepts and ideas through simulation before building any type of prototype. Optimizing their design, they used the models to create both the software and hardware side of the motion simulators.

As part of the MathWorks Startup Program, Dynisma benefitted from access to MATLAB® at a startup-friendly price and engineering support from MathWorks experts, which enabled them to research projects, develop prototypes, and bring their products to production.

Hear more from Ash Warne and James Golding of Dynisma in this month’s startup short!

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