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Startup Shorts: Automated Harvesting Robot by AGRIST is Solving Agriculture Problems 


As one passes by the farms in Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, it seems unassuming to the eye that something new and innovative is happening within the greenhouses. For the past 3 years, a nimble… read more >>

Startup Spotlight: Leadrive – Leading Innovation and Driving the Future

This article was written by Katie Yu, an Engineering Development Group (EDG) intern at MathWorks. She is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering… read more >>

Startup Shorts: Dynisma is Redefining the World of Automotive Motion Simulation

Dynisma is a company that designs world-class motion simulators. Automotive manufacturers can simulate a ride in their vehicles before ever building a car, allowing them to bring products to the… read more >>

Startup Shorts: Humotech is Transforming Wearable Device Development

“As an avid outdoorsy person, the idea of losing my mobility and not being able to explore the world is a scary thought,” says Josh Caputo, but this is an unfortunate reality for many people…. read more >>

Startup Shorts: Productive Machines is Helping Machining Companies Optimize Part Production Through Digital Twin Application

30,000 pieces, give or take, depending on the model; that’s the average number of parts in a car from the smallest nut and bolt to the frame. Multiplied by the billion-plus cars that exist in the… read more >>

Startup Shorts: Boston Metal is Using Electricity to Produce Steel Without CO2 Emissions

Steel is the most common structural material used in everything around us; buildings, cars, and machinery to name a few. It is a necessary, but hazardous industry. Steel production accounts for 7-9%… read more >>