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Startup Spotlight: With Best Engineering Essential Responsibility (WithBEER) Creates a Safer Electrical System Testing Environment for Engineers

This article was written by Ami Sao, the Startup Program Intern at MathWorks. She is a student at Tufts University currently pursuing her BS in Engineering Psychology. 


Contrary to what you may think, we will not be focusing on beer in this article. As lovely as a beer sounds, today we will be discussing a topic of far greater importance: the electrical system industry.

Electricity is crucial to supporting the systems that make up our daily lives. However, we often take for granted the work involved in developing power systems. Although invisible to the average user, electrical system testing is of utmost importance as it helps to create a safe environment for consumers and producers of power worldwide.

Interface Device by WithBEER

Interface Device by WithBEER (Image courtesy of WithBEER)

 Safety, Power Systems, and WithBEER

Unstable power systems can be dangerous. Particularly for engineers who work with high-voltage equipment during the research and development phase. To prevent harmful surges, dips, fires, and shocks, power systems need to go through rigorous testing before they are adopted for everyday use. This is where WithBEER comes into play.

WithBEER is a startup based out of Naju, Jeollanam-do, Korea that specializes in real-time simulation and digital twins (virtual models of real-world systems). Their aim is to change the standards for power system testing, a process often conducted under risky and unstable real-world scenarios, to be a safe and innovative experience coupled with a suite of services and technical support.

Oil to a Well-Run Machine

MathWorks tools are an integral part of WithBEER’s process. The WithBEER team begins by gathering an understanding of their customer’s needs and requirements. Depending on the configurations necessary, WithBEER then recommends various tools to closely simulate real-world context.

WithBEER employs MATLAB and Simulink as a foundation to model the virtual system, predominantly using toolboxes such as Simscape Electrical and Simulink Real-Time.

This model is subsequently converted into code using Simulink Real-Time, rendering it operable in the virtual environment. The code is then executed on a Real-Time Target Machine provided by Speedgoat, which implements the virtual environment. Lastly, to ensure compatibility with hardware, WithBEER develops a Signal Conditioning Unit (SCU) and pairs it with a hardware-specific toolbox.

Flowchart of WithBEER’s process

As one of the first companies to join the MathWorks Startup Program in Korea, WithBEER has been able to fully adopt the solutions they need to accelerate their time to market. The team has relied on MathWorks from the start and views it as an integral part of their growth going forward.

“Having used MATLAB/Simulink for over a decade, I can vouch for its main advantage – rapid accessibility. It facilitates swift ideation, implementation, and validation. Moreover, its model centric intuitiveness makes it an ideal development method for collaborative thought processes.” – CEO Hyunglok Oh

In the future, WithBEER strives to normalize safe testing environments for researchers and developers – efforts, you might say, that are worth celebrating with beer.


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