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MathWorks Training: Aligning development goals and team skills to enhance startup success

For startups and large corporations alike, there is a constant battle to balance resources. When time, money, and development speed are all critical, teams need wisely navigate the equilibrium of their priorities.

For engineers, there is a need to balance their time of actual problem solving, engineering, and coding with the desire to learn new skills and techniques to advance these responsibilities.

It’s at this intersection where MathWorks training adds value. As Megan Kessler, a training manager at MathWorks says, “[with startups] their main issues are limited time and a tight budget. Training helps fix essentially both of those problems.” She illustrates an example of an engineer that could take two weeks of paid salary time to do a self-learning course, taking time away from their development, when they could alternatively take a customized training that’s done in just two days at a more in-depth level.

“Training gives organizations the capabilities and the skill sets to achieve their objectives and help them get ramped up quickly,” explains Megan. And for startups, when time is of the essence, getting employees ramped quickly is of great importance. There are other benefits as well. Promoting consistency across the organization, is something we hear firsthand from startups. When everyone in a department has the same types of skills and builds their development in a cohesive way, this increases their chance of success. Of course, training is also going to increase proficiency, helping organizations avoid the trial-and-error process associated with self-learning. Lastly, advancing one’s knowledge in MathWorks tools is enhancing productivity at an organizational level. It accelerates the learning curve when starting to learn new concepts, and hone in on aspects critical to the organizations goals.

MathWorks training is not one size fits all. Understandably, there are different topics and formats that fit various organization’s needs. Below we outline some options:

So how do you get started? The best way is to start with a complementary assessment from MathWorks training team. This assessment helps align a company’s goals with personalized options by understanding exactly where the team members skills are. “We’re able to assess the team needs and uncover the pain points as an organization so we can help solve them efficiently,” concludes Megan.

For more information, take a look at our training offerings:

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