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New comment policy

I want to let readers know that I'm experimenting with a new comment policy.

I started this blog at the beginning of 2006. At first, I left comments open and only filtered out obvious spam. Soon, though, I found that I couldn't handle the volume of comments. Also, most comments were off-topic, which I thought detracted from the main content of the posts. So I began moderating all comments, and I only allowed through comments that were relevant to the post's topic.

And that's the way it's been for the past five years or so. But lately the time required for handling and responding to comments has become a problem for me. It is taking away time and energy that I would prefer to put into posting new content. Because of this I have occasionally considered turning off comments completely, but I've been reluctant to do that because I regularly learn valuable things from reader comments, and also because readers sometimes let me know about corrections I should make.

So starting this week I'm trying a compromise. I'm closing comments on any post older than 60 days. I believe that most of the interesting discussions and needed corrections come in well before that time.

Keep in mind that this blog isn't a general help forum or an alternative channel for product support. I encourage everyone seeking specific help with a MATLAB concept or with getting your code running to use resources such as MATLAB Answers.

For product support questions, another starting point is the Support section of There's really a lot of good information there.

I also get a pretty high volume of direct e-mail because my e-mail address is relatively easy to find. I do try to answer specific questions about my MATLAB Central File Exchange submissions that come in through my Author page there. Otherwise, I mostly can't answer the direct e-mail that I receive.

Thanks for reading ... and for commenting!

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