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Introducing the Latest Members of the Student Programs Team at MathWorks!

We now have 4 new members located in Natick (US) and Bangalore (India). The Student Programs team’s more recent members will be introduced in today’s post, including Emily, Ben, Roshan, and Manjunath. This team is tasked to eqip more student teams around the globe with software, training, and mentoring to tackle the same technical issues as professional engineers. MATLAB is one of the fastest-growing skills on LinkedIn profiles at top companies. By using MATLAB and Simulink in your projects you’re adding in-demand skills to your resume that could help you by hired. Find out what the newest members of our team are doing to help you be successful!


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What is your role in the Student Programs team?
My role in the Student Programs team is to establish the agreements for Academic Support. I assist with the application and payment process when a proposal has been submitted.
What big project are you currently working on?
I am currently crafting a 2023 budget for potential proposals and submissions.
Why do you like working in education?
Students with the opportunity to use MATLAB products open the doors to new discoveries, ideas, and solutions. It is great knowing that my small part can have a greater impact.
Fun Facts
  • Trader Joe’s is my happy place.
  • I love traveling and experiencing new places.
  • I adopted a dog in 2022 and she is now my best bud.


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What is your role in the Student Programs team?
I support the MATLAB Student Ambassador program here at MathWorks. My role consists of managing the day-to-day operations of our student ambassadors worldwide.
What big project are you currently working on?
I am currently working on supporting our ambassadors and their return to campus for the fall semester. We have several new ambassadors joining us this semester!
Why do you like working in education?
I come from a family of educators in K-12, so education is “in my blood”. I have a strong passion for technology and education, so Ed Tech is the best of both worlds. I truly love working with students and watching them develop their technical and interpersonal skills throughout the program. I am always amazed by the creativity and passion our student ambassadors display every day. They always exceed my expectations and are remarkable to work with. Seeing them succeed in their professional careers after completing the ambassador program gives me joy.
Fun Facts
  • I am a true lefty and have zero coordination with the right side of my body.
  • Before MathWorks I worked for LEGO, so I have an epic LEGO collection.
  • I played soccer in college, and I love Boston Sports.
  • Completed my first Boston Marathon in 2018.


#Football #Gamer #AnimeEnthusiast #Music
What is your role in the Student Programs team?
My role in Students competition team focuses on the MATLAB Student Ambassador program. I create packaged content for the ambassadors to leverage for organizing competitions and workshops in their college.
What big project are you currently working on?
I am currently working on creating a ‘Minidrone Modelling and Simulation’ workshop, where the students get to learn and implement through Simulink, Control Systems, Image Processing and Path Planning.
Why do you like working in education?
The students have the most creative and imaginative ideas. Education is the ideal platform to interact with the students, learn from them and impart real world perspective to random but innovative ideas.
While I was a student participating in such competitions, the learning and hands on experience I got was priceless as compared to any academics. By working in Education, I wish to impart similar experiences to the next generation.
Fun Facts
  • I represented my state football team in the Nationals
  • Love to read books


Manjunath Rajmohan.jpeg
#Movielover #explorer #trekking
What is your role in the Student Programs team?
My role focuses on supporting worldwide Minidrone Competitions and Student Simulink Challenge.
What big project are you currently working on?
Recently, I have been working on launching and promoting Student Simulink Challenge for the year 2022. I am also supporting the Minidrone India and EMEA competitions
Why do you like working in education?
I believe thinking out of the box is a necessity in the today’s world. Students consistently showcase how to think out of the box to bring out innovative ideas. Working in education team and supporting students in their journey motivates me and helps me grow personally.
Fun Facts
  • I am a cinephile and action thrillers are my go-to genre
  • Love watching tennis but prefer playing table tennis.


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